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Hand Held Diamond Sawing

Hand held saws fall mainly into four categories:

Diamond Chain Saw

Utilises a diamond tipped chain which can cut softer materials such as brick or block up to a depth of 600mm

Typically hand held saws are used where accessibility is restricted. Applications can include creating openings in masonry walls, cutting concrete pipes to length and for more intricate work such as trimming pre-cast planks or stairs

above and right: This project involved the archival restoration of the roof of a large country manor house. In order to match grace and styling of the original roof detailing, our hand held diamond saws were employed to cut clean, accurate custom mitres through the replaced capping stones

Standard Angle Grinder

Fitted with a diamond tipped blade it is used for shallow cutting and light trimming

Hydraulic Cut-off Saw

Powered from a petrol, LPG or 3 phase pack and used to cut up to 150mm deep in brick or reinforced concrete

Ring Saw

A unique drive system allows cutting to a depth of 250mm using a 350mm diameter diamond tipped blade


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