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Hilti DSW 3018-E Diamond Wire Saw

With the purchase of the DSW 3018-E from Hilti - one of the UK's latest diamond wire saws, GNAT UK has further consolidated its position at the forefront of Specialist Diamond Drilling and Sawing Services


  • Controlled demolition or dismantling of infrastructure (eg bridges) or massive building structures
  • Applications which have to be completed in an extremely short time frame and require highest sawing performance
  • Cutting of heavily reinforced concrete, masonry, stone or steel
  • Underwater applications in which a portion of the sawing cable runs in the water
  • Dry wire sawing applications (eg decommissioning of power plants)



  • Highest sawing performance through two powerful motors each producing 15 kW
  • High rope life through infinitely variable cutting speed
  • Precise pulleys with double bearings
  • Fast setup through easy adjustable guide pulley system
  • High productivity thanks to well proven components and optimally matched accessories


The diamond wire saw DSW 3018–E is Hilti's most powerful electric wire saw, capable of cutting up to 8m2 per hour. The cutting power is provided via two 15kW electric motors which move the wire over the pulleys at a speed of 35m/s

The DSW 3018-E can be used for a variety of applications including controlled demolition or dismantling of infrastructure, cutting of heavily reinforced concrete, masonry, stone or steel, underwater applications and dry wire sawing applications such as power plant decommissioning

The DSW 3018-E is also much simpler to set up and use thanks to its easy-to-fill wire storage and adjustable guide pulley system


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Above the Hilti DSW Deployed in Major City Sewage Complex