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Hydro Demolition Specialists

Why Choose Gnat UK's Hydrodemolition Services?

Gnat UK's Aquajet and Conjet Hydrodemolition Robots are specially designed for applications in confined areas . Robotic Hydro Demolition is arguably the safest, most effective, vibration free process to selectively remove reinforced concrete on Bridge Decks and Road surfaces and Runways.

One of our Aquajet Hydrodemolition systems is seen in action here, during a recent refurbishment project in London, Kings Cross:

Our Hydrodemolition operations are also underpinned by our NALTA SYSTEMS which have been designed to replace hand lances for a large number of hydrodemolition applications, increasing productivity and improving safety for operators.

High pressure water jets are much quieter than conventional heavy duty equipment so acoustic impact on surrounding areas is greatly minimised.  The surrounding material suffers no cracking and the reinforcing steel within the concrete core can be retained undamaged by the process

Gnat UK provides a fully co-ordinated Nationwide Hydro-Demolition Service.
Our Aquajet and Conjet Hydrodemolition Robots are suitable for all operations such as horizontal, vertical and on over-head situations due to the flexibility of the robot boom system. This flexibility allows for operations in confined areas without limitations due to the compact and freely manoeuvrable design.. And being remotely operated has clear advantages over hand lancing operations


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Perfect solution for safe, large scale removal of reinforced concrete