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North Sea Jetty Operations

Safety - Speed - Accuracy - Cost Effectiveness - Four Good Reasons why Robotic Hydrodemolition was the clear choice to undertake this challenging project.

Hydroblasting in changing and challenging weather conditions on the North Sea Coast, one of Gnat’s hydrodemolition robots was tasked with selectively removing large sections of degraded concrete from the deck structure of a working Sea jetty.

The Hydrodemolition process provided a safe, effective way to cut and remove degraded concrete without damaging the steel substructures and adjacent areas of the structure.

As well as being incredibly effective, the process is also much gentler on the environment. Waste water can be collected and filtered to prevent cross contamination, and acoustic impact from High pressure water jetting is much more acceptable than the heavy duty equipment previously used.

Defective Concrete removed leaving rebar clean and the remaining sound concrete intact and ready for refurbishment

Concrete removed and re-bar intact