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Cold Cutting in Volatile Environments

This recent Cold-Cutting Project involved the decommissioning of a pressure-vessel used for storing chemical based liquids

The volatility of the chemicals stored - with the commensurate risk of explosion - made Cold-Cutting the safest procedure of choice

Gnat UK removed the top of the vessel using high pressure hydro abrasive cutting equipment with track-based manipulators to accurately guide the Cold-Cutting Heads

Any remaining chemical residue was then removed by Hazardous Waste Removal Specialists and the Bunded Area Environmentally Cleaned and Decontaminated

Our Cold Cutting team were then able to complete the deconstruction, cold-cutting the vessel into manageable sections to facilitate safe removal from the work area by crane.

The process is necessarily slow and painstaking -often compared to ‘like watching paint dry!

However, Cold-Cutting is an indispensable procedure when it comes to safe, accurate de-construction in and around Volatile environments!

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