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Hydroblasting Rebates in a Factory Floor

This project required the accurate cutting and chasing in of 2500 metre long by 100mm wide x 50mm deep Rebates into an existing Factory Floor.

Diamond Floor Sawing and Hydrodemolition in harmony!

Gnat was called in after a previous contractor unsuccessfully attempted to tackle the problem using Percussive Breakers, resulting in broken, uneven edges unfit for purpose! Gnat's solution utilised a combination of Floor Sawing and Hydrodemolition techniques.

The video above demonstrates the procedure!

Two parallel cuts were made in the concrete floor, 100mm wide and 50mm deep - This gave a clean working edge for the subsequent rebating/chasing out. A calibrated hydro demolition head was mounted on one of our Aquajet Robots to chase out the redundant concrete accurately - and quickly.

The photo above compares hydraulic pecking alongside our floor-sawn and hydrodemolition solution.

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