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Husqvarna DXR250

Our Husqvarna DXR 250's are in high demand

A remote-controlled demolition robot packed with technology and intelligent features. Its low-slung body gives the operator a free view over the machine when working, making work more efficient and safer.

It is compact and light, yet robust and powerful. With a fixed arm and  a range of 4.8 metres, plus a width of only 78 cm it can access most doorways and climb stairwells with ease.

Its low profile body ensures the operator can see over the machine when working, creating a safer and more efficient working environment. The strong, durable baseplate delivers lots of power despite its low weight. The DXR 250 comes standard with practical dozer blades which also function as support

The machine is easily controlled with a very user-friendly remote control.

It is another perfect solution for jobs in hard-to-reach spaces, both indoors and outdoors

Contact GNAT UK Today to Hire a Husqvarna DXR250 Demolition Robot with or without operator

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