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Steel Shears

Steel Shear Info sheet - available to hire with Gnat UK's Demolition Robots


Weight 385 kg/850 lb Cutting force 1016kN

Rotation 360° Jaw opening 185 mm Suitable for Brokk 180, 330D,400


Weight 645 kg/1420 lb Cutting force 1375kN

Rotation 360° Jaw opening 245 mm Suitable for Brokk 180, 330D,400


Weight 55 kg/121 lb Cutting force 169kN

Rotation 360° Jaw opening 330 mm Suitable for Brokk 50, 90


Weight 123 kg/271lb Cutting Force 312 kN

Rotation 360° Jaw Opening 300mm Suitable for Brokk 90, 180

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