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Confined Space Robotic Demolition

Over the last 35 years, Gnat UK’s Civil Engineering Expertise has spanned a formidable range of technically challenging Tunnelling Operations, including major works in the London Underground, the Mersey Tunnel, and a number pf Major Urban Sewerage Networks nationwide.

Within the confined spaces of the tunneling environment, Gnat UK's Brokk and Husqvarna Three Phase Electric Motors deliver outstanding concentrated power, free of harmful diesel fumes, making them the ideal 'clean' solution for safe, time-efficient operation within difficult to access confined spaces.

The images on this page illustrate Tunneling Operations undertaken in the Mersey Tunnel and the Farnworth Railway Tunnel. This complex project involved the boring out of Interconnecting Safety Tunnels between the two traffic lanes at the heart of the Tunnel.

Access time was at an obvious and unavoidable premium, and working conditions were cramped with limited ventilation in the confined working area!

Gnat UK's rubber tracked Brokk 250 Robots proved the ideal choice owing for the project, notable because of its combination of small footprint, focussed power, manoeuvrability, Remote Operation all combined with a powerful and fume-free 3 phase electric power source

The Gnat UK team surmounted the difficult access problems and completed the project safely, quickly and within budget 

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