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Refractory Kiln Wrecking

Regular replacement of Kiln and Furnace Refractory Linings incurs Loss of Production Time and, in the past, prior to the development of Robotic Demolition Procedures, necessitated the use of inefficient, hazardous manual demolition operations

The Safe Solution

Our decades of experience in the Aluminium, Copper and Cement Industries, in tandem with the wide-ranging capabilities of our fleet of Brokk and Husqvarna Robotic equipment and Atlas-Copco Breakers, enable us to reduce 'downtime' considerably and increase productivity whilst maintaining a high level of safety.

The Brokk 40, 180, Brokk 400 and 330 series and Husqvarna DXR140s and 250s have been used successfully on contracts where previously machinery would not have been considered.

Their compact design footprint means access to restricted work areas is no longer an issue. Because the units are Remotely Operated from a safe distance, Down-Time needed to cool furnaces or kilns is considerably decreased.

The power produced by these robots is such that when breaking out copper and aluminium furnace linings, the acclaimed saving in downtime has been up to 200%

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