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Floor Sawing is a proven effective procedure to accurately cut concrete and asphalt for motorway construction, pavements, drainage ducts and removing or modifying concrete slabs. 
Also known as Slab Sawing it is the most commonly used diamond sawing method deployed on horizontal surfaces such as pavements, concrete floors and bridge decks

The procedure - usually a one-man operation, can be used to form Crack Inducing Joints, where a section of slab has been damaged and also for isolating slabs prior to demolition or to form openings in slabs for services or stairwells

The most frequent tasks for slab sawing include the creation of control and expansion joints and cutting and removing damaged or cracked surfaces prior to repair. 

It is also commonly deployed in creating channels prior to the installation of new utilities or creating space for implementation of new stairwells or lift shafts.

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