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Concrete Breakers

Available to hire with Gnat UK's Demolition Robots

Model Hitting power Blows/min Weight Made for
SB 52 101 J 720-1800 55kg/1211b Brokk 50
SB 152 252 J 840-1920 140 kg /310 Ib Brokk 90,180
SB 202 406 J 900-1750 230 kg /500 Ib Brokk 180
SB 300 610 J 480-960 380 kg/835 Ib Brokk 330D, 400
SB 450 760 J 390 - 780 485 kg/1065 Ib Brokk 330D, 400
SB 552 1048 J 660-1140 590 kg/ 13011b Brokk 800, 400

· Actual output, impact energy class (AEM)

A variety of chisels and tools can be fitted to the breakers. Other breaker brands can also be used on Brokk machines. Contact your local Brokk dealer or Brokk AB for information.

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