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Hydro-blasting on City Bridge Deck

Bridge Road Deck Renovation This project required Surface Preparation on a Bridge Deck. Situated on a busy, major arterial city road, its location necessitated that Down Time had to be kept to an absolute minimum. so the operation demanded critical time-planning to facilitate completion in the shortest time possible!

The Project involved the selective removal of damaged concrete to a depth of 150mm, to approximately 25mm below the last reinforcement bar, in preparation for reconstructing a new road surface. After due consideration, it was evident that Robotic Hydrodemolition was the precise method of choice.

The pump units deliver pressure outputs ranging up to 36000 psi, to quickly and safely remove defective concrete from the structure, leaving steel reinforcing and sound concrete intact and ready for refurbishment.

The Hydrodemolition process proved more accurate than other methods (notably percussive hydraulic power tools) because the operation is vibration-free, accurate and environmentally friendly.

Protecting the Environment

Hydrodemolition is not only the most efficient method for protecting and preserving concrete but also one of the safest, most environmentally friendly methods. The Blast water produced during the Hydrodemolition operation is collected and processed using Siltbuster Decontamination Systems. These systems restore the PH -Balance and minimise contamination, with little impact on surrounding areas and materials.

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