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Hydrodemolition on a North Sea Jetty

This project, on an exposed North Sea Coast Sea jetty, was successfully completed in what can best be described as "changing and challenging" weather conditions!.

Inclement conditions !

Gnat’s Robotic Hydrodemolition team deployed a CONJET Hydrodemolition Robot to remove large sections of degraded concrete from the deck structure of this working North Sea Coast Sea jetty

Being in an environmentally sensitive area, Safety, Speed, Accuracy and Cost Effectiveness made Robotic Hydrodemolition the clear method of choice to safely and accurately cut and remove degraded concrete whilst leaving the steel substructures and adjacent areas of the structure intact.

As well as being incredibly effective, the Hydroblasting process is also much gentler on the environment - Waste water is collected and filtered to prevent cross contamination, whilst acoustic impact from High pressure water jetting is much more acceptable than the heavy duty equipment previously used.

Photo: After Hydrodemolition - Defective Concrete removed, leaving Reinforcement Steel and Sound Concrete Intact, ready for refurbishment

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