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Refractory Kiln De-Construction

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Gnat UK's innovative Kiln De-Bricking solution, utilising a specially adapted Remote Manipulator System

GNAT UK was tasked to devise an alternative method to Remotely Wreck and Remove Refractory Lining from within a vast vessel. The sheer size of the structure presented Critical Access and Safety Issues, which precluded using traditional - and time-consuming - manual methods.

Our engineers devised an innovative design and build a solution which involved adapting a Conventional Mast Climber to accommodate a Remotely Operated Manipulator System.

The adaptions allowed a fully articulated Hydraulic Pecker Arm to be lowered into the vessel from the top down to systematically de-brick the Refractory Lining from the Roof Section, the Walls and the Base from within.

Gnat's solution enabled Efficient, Quick and Cost Effective De-Bricking and demonstrated clear Operator Safety Advantages compared to Conventional De-bricking Methods.

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