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Brokk and Husqvarna Robotic Demolition

Gnat UK’s BROKK and HUSQVARNA Demolition Robots are versatile and powerful machines used in various industries for a wide range of applications

We have the largest fleet of BROKK and HUSQVARNA Robotic Demolition machines in Europe, available for Hire Nationwide, with or without Operator. They are purpose-designed to provide efficient and safe demolition solutions in challenging environments where traditional methods may not be as effective or safe

If you already know what you're looking for, please visit our Contract Hire Page to view our full range of machines and attachments - These are available for Contract Hire, With or Without an Operator.

Some of the common uses of BROKK and HUSQVARNA demolition robots include:

  • Construction and Building Demolition: BROKK robots excel at demolishing concrete structures, such as walls, columns, beams, and floors, in construction and building demolition projects. Their compact size allows them to access confined spaces and work in areas that may be difficult for larger demolition equipment

  • Refractory Demolition: Our BROKK and Husqvarna Robots are routinely deployed to debrick refractory kilns in the Cement, Steel and Glass Manufacturing Industries. They can efficiently remove the worn-out refractory lining from high-temperature processing units without exposing human workers to hazardous conditions

  • Tunneling and Mining: In tunnel construction and mining operations, Gnat UK's BROKK and Husqvarna robots can be utilised to break rocks, concrete, and other materials to create passageways or access tunnels safely and efficiently

  • Nuclear Decommissioning: BROKK and Husqvarna Robots robots are often employed in nuclear facilities to dismantle and decommission radioactive structures and equipment. Their remote operation capabilities reduce radiation exposure to workers

  • Industrial Cleaning: BROKK robots can be equipped with specialised attachments for industrial cleaning tasks. They can efficiently remove debris, coatings, and unwanted material from surfaces, tanks, and vessels

  • Road and Infrastructure Repairs: BROKK robots can be used to break and remove concrete or asphalt for road repairs and infrastructure maintenance

To Summarise -

The key advantages of using BROKK robotic demolition robots in these applications include enhanced safety, increased productivity, precise operation, and the ability to work in tight spaces. Their remote operation capability allows operators to control the machines from a safe distance, reducing the risk of accidents and improving efficiency. Additionally, the versatility of BROKK robots makes them valuable tools in a wide range of industries and demolition scenarios.

Our Robots have been successfully deployed across numerous Specialist Demolition projects including:

  • Refractory Brick and Cement Kiln Debricking

  • High Security Reinforced Concrete & Steel Bank Vaults

  • Underground Railways

  • Tunnel Systems

  • Motorways

  • Chemical Works

  • Nuclear Power Stations

  • High rise towers - Top-Down Demolition

  • High rise towers - Facade Retention and Deconstruction

  • Concrete Works

  • Quarries

  • Sewage Processing Plants

  • Reservoir Refurbishments

  • Mining Operations

However large or small the task, we supply the full range and size of demolition robots to suit every purpose -

To view the full range of machines and attachments available for contract hire, with or without an operator, visit our Contract Hire Page

Top banner: Refractory Kiln Stripping - Compact, but immensely powerful Husqvarna 160 stripping out refractory within a Cement Kiln

Above: Bank Vault Demolition - It's not supposed to be easy! - Brokk 800 making light work of a High Security Reinforced Concrete and Steel Bank Vault

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