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Brokk and Husqvarna Robotic Demolition

GnatUK's has the largest fleet of BROKK and HUSQVARNA robotic demolition machines in Europe, available for Hire Nationwide, with or without Operator

These fantastically versatile 3 Phase Electric machines specialise in areas of demolition where Restricted Access or Environmental Hazard make conventional methods impractical.

However large or small the task, we supply the full range and size of demolition robots to suit every purpose - Visit our Contract Hire Page to view the machines and attachments available for contract hire, with or without operator

Our Robots have been successfully deployed across numerous Specialist Demolition projects including:

  • Refractory Brick and Cement Kilns

  • High Security Reinforced Concrete & Steel Bank Vaults

  • Underground Railways

  • Tunnel Systems

  • Motorways

  • Chemical Works

  • Nuclear Power Stations

  • High rise towers

  • Concrete Works

  • Quarries

  • Sewage Processing Plants

  • Mining Operations

Top banner: Refractory Kiln Stripping - Compact, but immensely powerful Husqvarna 160 stripping out refractory within a Cement Kiln

Above: Bank Vault Demolition - It's not supposed to be easy! - Brokk 800 making light work of a High Security Reinforced Concrete and Steel Bank Vault

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