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Aquajet ERGO Hydrodemolition

Our Aquajet ERGO Hydrodemolition Systems are ideally suited for demanding concrete and refractory demolition work within environments too confined to accommodate standard tracked Hydrodemolition Robots

The ERGO system is Operated Remotely - it mounts onto standard scaffolding rigs. Delivering Four times the power of a hand-held Hydro-demolition Lance, it quickly and accurately removes redundant Concrete, leaving intact concrete clean and ready to receive new concrete and Reba. In the Refractory environment, Boiler Walls and Spragues are stripped and cleaned, ready to receive new Refractory


  • Precision and Consistency: Our Aquajet ERGO Hydrodemolition systems are designed to remove decayed concrete and other materials with high precision and consistency. The automated nature of the system ensures that the removal process is uniform and accurate, helping to achieve the desired depth consistently

  • Efficiency: The Ergo Go system allows contractors to work efficiently, as they can remotely operate the robot. This can significantly speed up the process compared to manual methods, especially in confined spaces where manoeuvrability might be limited.

  • Safety: Hydrodemolition can be a challenging task due to the use of high-pressure water jets. Using a remotely operated system like Ergo Go enhances safety by reducing workers' need to be close to the demolition process. This minimises the risk of injury and exposure to potentially hazardous materials.

  • Reduced Downtime: The consistent and precise nature of hydrodemolition using the Ergo Go system can result in reduced downtime for repairs or renovations. Removing only the damaged or deteriorated concrete can minimise the need for extensive replacement work.

  • Access to Confined Spaces: One of the notable advantages of the Ergo Go system is its ability to work effectively in confined spaces. The remote operation feature and adaptability to different attachments allow the robot to access and work in areas that might be difficult or unsafe for manual labour.

  • Productivity-Enhancing Attachments: The availability of various productivity-enhancing attachments for the Ergo Go system adds versatility to its applications. Different attachments can be used for specific tasks, further increasing the efficiency of the hydrodemolition process.

  • Minimised Environmental Impact: Hydrodemolition using high-pressure water jets is generally considered to be more environmentally friendly compared to traditional mechanical methods that produce dust and debris. The Ergo Go system contributes to reducing the environmental impact of concrete removal.

  • Quality of Repairs: The precision of hydrodemolition provided by the Ergo Go system can contribute to higher-quality repairs and renovations. The controlled removal of damaged concrete leaves a clean surface that facilitates better adhesion for new materials.

To sum up, Aquajet Hydrodemolition delivers a safer, more precise, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional concrete removal and refractory stripping methods. They improve efficiency, reduce labour costs, and deliver higher-quality results, making them a preferred choice for many construction and maintenance projects

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