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Aquajet Hydrodemolition Hire

Gnat UK's Aquajet Hydrodemolition Robots utilise Ultra High-Pressure Water Jets to cut effortlessly through Reinforced Concrete.  The System minimises risk to yourself and others on-site and provides a safe, cost-effective, vibration-free method to Remove Reinforced Concrete on Bridge Decks, Road Surfaces, Runways, Dam Walls, Tunnels, Docks, Harbours, Multi-Storey Car Parking Decks and More!

The Key Advantages of Robotic Hydrodemolition:

  • Precision and Control: Aquajet robots enable precise, controlled concrete removal. They use high-pressure water jets to remove concrete without damaging the underlying structure. The robotic arm can be programmed to target specific areas, ensuring selective removal and reducing the risk of overcutting or causing unnecessary damage

  • Safety: Hydrodemolition is a safer alternative to traditional methods such as jackhammers or blasting. Aquajet robots eliminate the need for manual labour in hazardous areas, reducing the risk of accidents, hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS), and silica dust exposure. Operators can remotely control the robot safely, minimising potential risks

  • Environmentally Friendly: Hydrodemolition is eco-friendly since it doesn't involve chemicals or generate harmful dust. The process utilises high-pressure water jets, which can be easily contained and collected for recycling or treatment. This makes it a more sustainable option compared to other methods that produce large amounts of waste and pollutants

  • Efficiency: Aquajet robots can complete concrete removal tasks quickly and efficiently. The high-pressure water jets can remove concrete rapidly, reducing project timelines and labour costs. The robotic arm can also access hard-to-reach areas, including confined spaces and complex geometries, which would otherwise be challenging for manual labour

  • Preservation of Adjacent Structures: Traditional demolition methods often result in collateral damage to adjacent structures. Aquajet robots minimise this risk by precisely removing only the targeted concrete, leaving surrounding areas intact. This advantage is crucial when working in sensitive environments or near critical infrastructure

  • Surface Quality and Preparation: Hydrodemolition leaves a roughened surface that enhances bonding between the existing and new concrete. This promotes better adhesion and increases the longevity of repairs or overlays. The controlled removal process also eliminates microfractures, resulting in a cleaner and more reliable surface for subsequent work

  • Versatility: Aquajet robots can be used in various applications, such as bridge repairs, dam maintenance, tunnel renovation, and industrial cleaning. They can handle different types of concrete structures, including beams, walls, floors, and foundations, adapting to different project requirements

To sum up, Aquajet Hydrodemolition Robots deliver a safer, more precise, and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional concrete removal methods. They improve efficiency, reduce labour costs, and deliver higher-quality results, making them a preferred choice for many construction and maintenance projects

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