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Brokk 200

Gnat UK's Brokk 200 robot is a versatile and powerful Contract Hire Machine, deployed in various industries for demolition and construction

Key Advantages of the Brokk 200 robot:

  • Compact Size: The Brokk 200 is a compact and lightweight robot, making it highly manoeuvrable in confined spaces and able to access areas difficult for larger machines or human workers to reach. Its small size allows it to navigate through narrow doorways, staircases, and tight construction sites

  • Power and Performance: Despite its compact size, the Brokk 200 robot delivers impressive power and performance. Equipped with a powerful hydraulic system, it can handle a wide range of tasks, including breaking concrete, cutting through metal, and removing debris. It can lift heavy loads and operate various attachments with precision

  • Remote Control Operation: The Brokk 200 is operated remotely, providing a significant advantage in operator safety. The remote control system allows the operator to control the robot safely, away from hazardous or unstable environments. This feature also provides better visibility and manoeuvrability for the operator, ensuring precise and efficient operation

  • Versatility: The Brokk 200 robot is highly versatile and can be equipped with various attachments to suit different applications. It can be fitted with hydraulic hammers, concrete crushers, buckets, grapples, and other tools, making it adaptable to various demolition and construction tasks. Its versatility allows for efficient and cost-effective use across different projects

  • Increased Productivity: With its powerful performance and remote control operation, the Brokk 200 robot significantly increases productivity. It can work continuously without the need for breaks or rest, resulting in faster completion of tasks. Additionally, its small size allows it to work alongside other equipment or workers, maximising overall productivity on the job site

  • Safety: The Brokk 200 enhances safety on construction sites by reducing the risks associated with manual labour in hazardous environments. Using remote control keeps operators out of harm's way, minimising the risk of injuries from falling debris, collapses, or other hazardous conditions. The robot's compact size also reduces the likelihood of accidents caused by collisions or entrapment

In short- The Brokk 200 is a compact masterpiece with incredible strength and reach.

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