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Brokk 60 and 50

Hire Gnat UK's Brokk 60's and 50's

Brokk 60's and 50's are the smallest of the models in the Brokk family and are ideal for accessing confined spaces and narrow areas. They are able to manoeuvre easily through doorways and work in tight quarters where larger machines cannot reach

Key advantages of these machines:

  • Remote Control Operation: One significant advantage of Brokk machines is their remote-controlled operation. Operators can control the machine from a safe distance, minimizing the risk of accidents and exposure to hazardous environments. The remote control provides precise and responsive handling, allowing operators to perform delicate tasks accurately

  • Versatility: Brokk 50 and Brokk 60 are versatile machines equipped with various attachments and tools, such as hydraulic breakers, crushers, buckets, and grapples. This versatility allows them to perform various tasks, including demolition, excavation, material handling, and even concrete cutting

  • Power and Performance: Despite their compact size, Brokk 50 and Brokk 60 offer impressive power and performance. They are equipped with powerful electric motors that deliver high torque, enabling efficient and effective demolition work. The machines can break through concrete, rock, and other tough materials, making them suitable for demanding demolition projects

  • Safety and Efficiency: The remote-controlled operation of Brokk machines enhances safety on the job site. Operators can control the machine from a distance, reducing the risk of injuries associated with manual operation. Additionally, these machines are designed for efficient operation, allowing for increased productivity and reduced downtime during demolition projects

  • Reduced Environmental Impact: Brokk machines are electrically powered, resulting in lower emissions than diesel-powered alternatives. This characteristic makes them more environmentally friendly, particularly in indoor or confined environments where air quality and noise levels must be considered

  • Operator Comfort: Brokk machines prioritize operator comfort by providing ergonomic control systems and adjustable seats. The remote control operation allows operators to work from a comfortable position and avoid the physical strain associated with manual operation

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