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When it comes to heavy duty civil engineering projects, our all powerful Brokk 800's beasties can't be beaten.

One of the largest Brokk Robots, they boast unparalleled capacity making them perfect for really heavy and demanding demolition work.

The Brokk 800 weighs 11,050 kg without attachment, and has a total reach of 9.4 meters.

Power is equally impressive. Equipped with the MB 1000 breaker, the Brokk 800 delivers just about twice the hitting power of the Brokk 400.

This "monster”gives the operator the same secure work environment as the smaller Brokk machines, enabling operation at a safe distance from vibrations and falling debris, but with oodles of harnessed Power – in perfect control!

Contact GNAT UK Today to Hire a BROKK 800 Demolition Robot, 3 Phase Electric or Diesel Model, with or without operator

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