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Concrete Scabblers

Concrete Scabblers are ideally suited for the renovation of concrete surfaces, such as floors, walls etc.

The Scabblers Teeth remove old, damaged or excess concrete, leaving a surface with excellent adhesive properties

There is no risk of cracking when working on bridges or in tunnels

Compared to other methods, the Scabbler avoids problems that arise when water is used

In the process industry Scabbling is frequently used in the renovation of interior coating on cast linings and the removal of slag

Available to hire with Gnat UK's Demolition Robots (some specs are listed below)

PLB 300

Weight 290 kg Cutting depth 0-20 mm

Width 300 mm Suitable for Brokk 330, 180


Weight 200 kg Cutting depth 0-62 mm

Width 557 mm Suitable for Brokk 180, 330, 400


Weight 375 kg Cutting depth 0-89 mm

Width 678 mm Suitable for Brokk 330, 400

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