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Steel Shears

Hydraulic steel shears utilise hydraulic power to cut and shear steel and other metals. They have a high cutting capacity, capable of cutting through thick steel plates and structures. They are available with different blade types for various cutting applications and generate significant cutting force

Hydraulic shears are versatile and find applications in Construction, Demolition, Recycling, and Salvage Operations

We offer a full range of Steel Shears, all available to hire with Gnat UK's Demolition Robots


Weight 385 kg/850 lb Cutting force 1016kN

Rotation 360° Jaw opening 185 mm Suitable for Brokk 180, 330D,400


Weight 645 kg/1420 lb Cutting force 1375kN

Rotation 360° Jaw opening 245 mm Suitable for Brokk 180, 330D,400


Weight 55 kg/121 lb Cutting force 169kN

Rotation 360° Jaw opening 330 mm Suitable for Brokk 50, 90


Weight 123 kg/271lb Cutting Force 312 kN

Rotation 360° Jaw Opening 300mm Suitable for Brokk 90, 180

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