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A BRACE of BROKK 800's Bullying Formidable Foundations!

It's not often that we see two of our BROKK 800's on the same site, but this job needed some serious extra clout!

Two of Gnat UK's mighty Brokk 800's - a Diesel Powered and a 3-Phase Electric model, were carefully craned into this basement area to Hydraulically peck out the substantial concrete foundations. These heavyweight's - packing a mighty punch to make light work of even the most formidable Concrete reinforcement - proved to be the ideal choice and made short work of the task in record time!

Standing tall as a leader in the industry, Gnat UK possesses Europe's largest fleet of 3 Phase Electric BROKK and HUSQVARNA robotic demolition machines. These cutting-edge machines are specifically designed for use in areas where restricted access or environmental hazards would render conventional methods impractical. The versatility of our these demolition machines allows us to cater to various project requirements, providing a comprehensive range of robots and attachments for every task - These are available for Contract Hire, with or without Operators

Our commitment is to deliver efficient and effective solutions that meet and exceed our clients' expectations, ensuring the success of each demolition project we undertake.

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