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A Safer Alternative to traditional Concrete Demolition

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Our Aquajet ERGO Hydrodemolition Systems are ideally suited for demanding refractory demolition work within environments too confined to accommodate standard tracked Hydrodemolition Robots.

We routinely deploy our ERGO Systems in Refractory environments such as Kilns and Boiler Furnaces. The photos here show the System rigged to Remove Castable Refractory inside a Bio-Mass Boiler Furnace.

Light, flexible and manoeuvrable, the ERGO system is Operated Remotely - it mounts onto standard scaffolding rigs. It delivers 4x times the power of a hand-held Hydro-demolition Lance to quickly and accurately remove redundant Refractory, leaving the Boiler Walls and Spragues cleaned and ready to receive new Refractory.

Remote Operation delivers additional safety benefits too -

Hydro-demolition has clear advantages over 'traditional' mechanical procedures such as Jack-hammers. The procedure avoids cracking in the surrounding concrete and damage to the overall structure of the rebar.

It is also much safer, faster and more effective than hand lancing.- Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome is eliminated, and Remote Operation delivers cost-efficient working timescales

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