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Abrasive Cold Cutting Volatile Pressure Vessels

Updated: Apr 16

Decommissioning volatile pressure vessels on a Petrochemical site

The volatile chemicals stored within the Vessels - with the commensurate risk of explosion - made Abrasive Cold-Cutting the safest decommissioning procedure.

Gnat UK removed the top of the vessel with high-pressure hydro-abrasive cutting equipment using track-based manipulators to guide the Cold-Cutting Heads accurately.

Hazardous Waste Removal Specialists removed any remaining chemical residue, and the Bunded Area was Environmentally Cleaned and Decontaminated.

Our Cold Cutting team then completed the deconstruction, cold-cutting the vessel into manageable sections to facilitate safe removal from the work area by crane.

The process is slow and painstaking! - often compared to watching paint dry! However, Abrasive Cold-Cutting is necessary for safe, accurate deconstruction in and around Volatile environments!

Gnat UK delivers a Nationwide Cold Cutting Service. Get in touch to find out more!

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