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Access All Areas!! - We just love Confined Space Demolition!

High-Reach Demolition in Confined Spaces - Our niche speciality!

Our equipment is purpose built for selective demolition in confined spaces and has been adapted over many years to tackle increasingly complex deconstruction projects

Small Robot - High Reach!

The basement areas within this large scale factory refurbishment project had very restricted access issues which precluded the use of our larger machines. To overcome this, we deployed one of our Husqvarna DXR 140’s - a small yet impressively powerful Demolition Robot which punches well above its weight, delivering outstanding manoeuvrability alongside a formidable power output!

The ceilings within the basement areas were very high, so, in order to eliminate over-reaching and the risk of debris falling on the machine, we fitted a High-Reach Boom with a Hydraulic Pecker to break out the ceilings and the concrete beams for removal.

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