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Gravity-defying concrete removal on a 40 degree slope

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

We Do Love Confined Space Demolition!

This project required the selective removal of concrete screed in the deep well of an Archimedes Screw Trough- on a challenging working incline of 40 Degrees!,

One of our small Husqvarna 140 Demolition Robots with a Hydraulic Pecker Attachment was deployed to deconstruct the Concrete Screed within the steeply inclined Trough -

With the operator controlling the Husqvarna 140 remotely from a safe, clear vantage point, we were able to deconstruct the redundant concrete on the steep incline - accurately, safely and quickly!

This small but powerful robot is specially designed and developed for demolition work in confined space. Its small footprint is harnessed to optimal power output and, being remotely operated, can function in inhospitable areas inaccessible to conventional machines.

Gnat UK has the largest fleet of 3 Phase Electric BROKK and HUSQVARNA robotic demolition machines in Europe, designed to operate in areas of demolition where Restricted Access or Environmental Hazard make conventional methods impractical.

We supply the full range and size of Robots and Attachments to suit every task.

These are available for Contract Hire, with or without Operators

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