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Hydrodemolition meets Diamond Wire Sawing on a Car Factory Floor Refurbishment

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

This large scale project illustrates how complimentary demolition procedures working together in harmony can achieve great results - in record time.

Our Hydrodemolition and Diamond Sawing Teams worked in tandem to cut, isolate,

remove and refurbish a series of formidable concrete plinths situated in the well of a large

North East Car Factory.

Hilti Diamond Wire Saws were deployed to isolate and remove redundant concrete pillars and pillar sections. The isolated concrete plinths were then able to be removed from the well of the factory floor by cranes.

Our Aquajet Robots, operating in both vertical and horizontal planes, then removed the defective/surplus concrete from designated floor areas and vertical sections of the remaining Plinths. The procedure left the Reinforcement Bars exposed, cleaned and intact, ready for the installation of additional steel and new concrete.

Protecting the Environment

Hydrodemolition is not only the most efficient method for protecting and preserving concrete, it’s also one of the safest, most environmentally friendly methods around. The Blast water produced during the Hydrodemolition operation was collected and processed

using our Siltbuster Decontamination Systems, to re-adjust the PH -Balance and minimising contamination.

The video below shows the procedures in action.. It's a couple of minutes long, so don't bother looking if you don't love hydrodemolition!

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