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NALTA Concrete Hydro-demolition

To compliment our large scale Robotic Hydroblasting Operations, Gnat UK also deploy NALTA Systems - designed to replace hand lances for a large number of smaller scale Hydrodemolition applications. They deliver much greater output than hand lancing, and being Remotely Operated, significantly improve Operator Safety..

Similar to our ERGO systems, the NALTA's deliver much greater output than hand-lancing and being Remotely Operated significantly improves Operator Safety.

Working parameters are controlled via the intuitive remote panel, and operation is automatic. The NALTA is supplied with high-pressure water from a standard hand-lance pump and can operate on flat and curved surfaces with a radius as small as 400mm.

It consists of a feed beam with an oscillating lance, a hydraulic unit and a radio remote control box.

The NALTA is mainly used for the Hydrodemolition of reinforced concrete but is also suitable for other applications, such as surface preparation and descaling of steel

The Video here shows one of our NALTA systems rigged to prepare a vertical wall section, stripping concrete to a depth of 5mm in readiness for new rebar and concrete


  • Capable of Underwater operation

  • Operates on curved pillars down to a radius of 400mm

  • The feed beam can be extended to 3m using extra sections

  • The robot can climb on standard scaffolding pipes

  • A trolley makes the NALTA’s hydraulic unit easy to transport

  • Highly versatile and Accurate

  • Can access areas unavailable to other Hydrodemolition robots owing to its minute size

  • Safer, faster and more effective than hand lancing.- Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome is eliminated, and Remote Operation delivers cost-efficient working timescales

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