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Top-Down-Robotic Demolition! - Peck, Cut, Clear, Repeat...... x19 floors!

Updated: Feb 20

Our Husqvarna and Brokk Robots were deployed to de-construct this 19 Storey tower block in Leeds City Centre, from the Top Down..

Steady Away!

Working closely with the main contractor, Gnat UK deconstructed this 19 storey block in Leeds City Centre.

The robots systematically deconstructed the walls and floors with Hydraulic Peckers and Steel Shears, whilst our Bobcats worked alongside, removing the resultant bulk Concrete and Rebar from the site for disposal, to ensure the work flow was uninterrupted and contiguous!

Careful consideration was given to the stability of the building at all times, with load bearing walls identified prior to demolition commencing to ensure that they are maintained in place until redundant.

Being remotely operated, the procedure was safe, quick and efficient - without any danger of HAV syndrome, associated with traditional manual methods.

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