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Tunnel Vision! Railway Bridge Refurbishment - Creating a safe pedestrian thoroughfare!

Deconstructing a Railway Tunnel Arch to provide a safe Pedestrian thoroughfarea
Deconstructing a blocked up Railway Tunnel Arch to provide a safe Pedestrian Walkway

Pedestrian safety was the primary objective driving this bridge refurbishment initiative

Along with countless other Beeching Era Railway Bridges, this arch had been totally blocked and sealed. Prior to our intervention, pedestrians had to negotiate heavy vehicular traffic on the main road, without the luxury of a dedicated walkway.

To rectify this, Gnat UK was entrusted with removing the obstructive stone and the concrete infill.

Our team utilised HILTI Track Saws to cut and isolate sections of the infilled structure, marking a pivotal initial phase in the arch's transformation and the establishment of a new pedestrian walkway. Our BROKK Robots, equipped with Hydraulic Peckers, then systematically deconstructed the concrete infill.

As our deconstruction work progressed, the Main Contractors consolidated the void by pneumatically projecting SHOTCRETE onto the surface at high velocity in preparation for the construction of the new Pedestrian thoroughfare.

The Main Contractor was delighted when Gnat UK’s work was completed a full three days ahead of the estimated schedule.

By addressing such safety concerns, we are not only preserving our industrial heritage, but also ensuring that our urban environments become more accessible and secure for everyone.

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