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Brokk 90

Designed to fill the gap between the small, nimble Brokk 70 and the heavier, more powerful Brokk 180, The Brokk 90 combines the best features of previous models and is one of the most versatile tools on the market for demolition in confined spaces.

It is Lightweight, compact and easy to transport on truck or trailer. Enjoys excellent manoeuvrability with a very small footprint for access into narrow, weak structures.

  • Weight: 2050lbs/ 980kg

  • Height: 48in/121cm

  • Width: 31in/780cm

  • Reach overhead: 156in/396cm

  • Hammer: 400ft.lbs

  • Power supply: 480V/60Hz.

  • Motor: 11Kw

Contact GNAT UK Today to Hire a BROKK 90 Demolition Robot with or without operator

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