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Concrete Crunching

Concrete Crunching has many benefits -

Notably, it’s a lot quieter than usual methods of demolition work and a much-favoured technique in situations where the noise and vibrations associated with Percussive Breaking could prove detrimental to immediate surroundings and adjacent structures

How does Concrete Crunching Work?

Powerful Atlas Copco Hydraulic Crusher Attachments are deployed with our Brokk and Husqvarna Robots - Depending on the size fitted, Reinforced Concrete up to 550mm wide can be tackled.

The breaker jaws are positioned at the leading edge of the concrete structure, and hydraulic power is applied, forcing the jaws to close with up to 35 tonnes of pressure to crush the concrete selectively.


  • Gnat’s Brokk and Husqvarna robots fitted with Atlas Copco concrete crushers enable a virtually Emission-Free working environment.

  • Noise and dust levels are kept to a minimum.

  • The non-percussive operation does not affect the structural integrity of surrounding buildings

  • Remote function enables increased operator safety

  • Vibration White Finger (HAV Syndrome) is Eliminated

Visit our Contract Hire Page to find the most suitable demolition robots and attachments for your project

or Contact GNAT UK directly to find out more about our hire services and terms and conditions

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