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Diamond Core Drilling

Diamond drilling is an efficient, quiet and dust-free alternative to demolishing or breaking, Diamond drilling is a procedure used to create holes for any purpose required, including electrical and plumbing installations. Fast, precise, non-disruptive, and dust free, it is arguably the best method for creating clean circular holes in any hard materials.

Stitch Drilling

For larger structures/apertures, Stitch Drilling uses a series of overlapping holes. It can be used to form arches, for instance, or for isolating a section of concrete which is too thick to saw cut, enabling the formation of openings of any shape and size through a diverse range of materials, including reinforced concrete, stone, brick, and blockwork.

Water and dust control attachments can be used to keep disruption to the absolute minimum. Drilling Operations can be utilised vertically or horizontally at an angle or inverted. The result is clean, precise and accurate, requiring little or no reinstatement work.

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