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Slurry Solutions

Clearing up made easy!

Gnat UK's latest investment in demolition and recycling technology takes the form of a dedicated Portable Sludge Recycling and Removal Unit

Hydrodemolition and Diamond Sawing and Drilling through Reinforced Concrete automatically produce slurry. Water is needed to continually cool the tools while simultaneously removing sludge from the drilling and cutting areas.

The recycling unit is compact and easily transportable, effectively treating high pH, sediment-laden blast water from hydrodemolition applications.

It can operate continuously at flow rates of up to 5m³/hr, either at ground level or directly from a road-going trailer or work van, enabling it to quickly move from site to site.

Using long-lasting polypropylene filters, this innovative machine effectively de-waters solids from the liquid slurry down to 5 microns delivering an economical solution in the construction industry for the separation and filtration of drilling and sawing slurry and contaminated wastewater.

The air-powered filter press pumps the slurry via a diaphragm pump into the filter chambers, creating solid cakes and clear filtered water.

The water can be reused or disposed of at the job site. The solid cakes can be disposed of as construction waste - A positive contribution to environmental protection in the drilling and sawing business.

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