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Steel Shears

Hydraulic Steel Shear Attachments are designed for cutting through and isolating thick metals.

Capable of cutting any steel, from reinforcing bars to steel beams, conduits and pipework, they are typically deployed for the industrial deconstruction of steel structures like buildings, tanks and also in scrapyards for secondary breaking and recycling.

Our Husqvarna and Brokk machines fitted with Atlas Copco Shears and extended boom arms enable the selective deconstruction of steel pipework, girders and a maze of assorted metalwork and cabling. 

The photo here shows one of GNAT UK's Brokk 330's mounted with Atlas Copco SC600 Steel Shears making short work of a high-level ceiling with a 'spaghetti junction' of industrial steel and pipework! - The Brokk was controlled remotely from a safe distance - enabling the deconstruction of the complex array of steel and cabling ceiling services without the need to construct cumbersome scaffolding towers and deconstruct manually!

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