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Wall - Floor Preparation

Gnat UK specialise in Removal and Renovation of Concrete Surfaces on Floors, Walls and Ceilings

Concrete Scabbling Procedures

Scabblers operate by repeatedly pounding a number of steel or carbide tipped teeth onto the concrete surface to remove the Concrete Surface Layer in preparation for further work, such as resurfacing and testing.

Surface Preparation utilising Scabbler attachments precludes problems that can arise when water is used and, importantly, there is no risk of cracking when working on bridges or in tunnels.

Concrete Planing- Cold Milling Process

Cold Milling involves the selective removal of the top layers of existing ashphalt and concrete surfaces to a desired depth, so as to enable repairs and upgrades with the minimum of disruption. Cold Milling machines are available in a variety of sizes enabling a range of operations, from localised milling around manholes and valves, through to high capacity machines capable of milling up to 4.9 m wide and over 300 mm deep in just one pass.

The cutter drum comprises replaceable tungsten carbide cutting tools and most are equipped with automatic grade control systems to control the milling process.

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