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Plunge Wire Sawing

Plunge Sawing procedures are particularly effective in situations with restricted access or in confined spaces

Plunge Saws operate by running a multi-stranded cable fitted with diamond beads through a series of pulleys and drive wheels. This method is deployed when cuts can only be completed from one side of the structure


  • Access holes are Core Drilled into the slab and the saw drops into the holes

  • Cuts are made by pushing the wire down between the holes. (see schematic below)

  • The plunge saw uses a series of pulleys and guides to accurately feed its diamond coated wire through mass concrete, reinforced concrete, steel, copper and other metals, plus all forms of stone to a variety of thicknesses

  • The saws are water-cooled. They create zero vibration, are dust free, create no flying debris and leave a smooth exposed surface

The video below explains the procedure Gnat UK deployed on a recent project

Key sections of the buildings foundations had to be isolated from the Party Wall. The HILTI Plunge saws were then rigged to accurately cut the sides and bottom to prescribed widths and depths, to enable the sections to be easily and cleanly lifted and removed, leaving the area ready and prepared to receive new Piles

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