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Robotic Hydrodemolition

Why hire Gnat UK's AQUAJET & ERGO Hydrodemolition Robots?

Gnat UK's Aquajet Hydrodemolition Robots offers distinct advantages over traditional concrete removal methods:

Our Aquajet Hydrodemolition Robots are specially designed for operations in confined areas and are purpose built to safely and accurately deconstruct reinforced concrete. They are powerful, versatile and manoeuvrable - their heads can operate horizontally, vertically and in over-head situations, allowing for safe operation and efficient, cost-effective demolition in confined areas - without limitation

Access All Areas!

When fitted with its boom arm extension, operational reach is extended in vertical and under/up operations. This enables the cutter robot to work directly from motorway/railway bridge decks to reach the Sides and Underneath directly from the bridge deck

Aquajet Hydrodemolition with Boom Arm deconstructing concrete on Motorway Bridge Parapet
Aquajet Hydrodemolition with Boom Arm deconstructing concrete on Motorway Bridge Parapet

Hydrodemolition utilises Ultra High-Pressure Water Jets to cut effortlessly through Reinforced Concrete.  The System minimises risk to yourself and others on-site and provides a safe, cost-effective, vibration-free method to Remove Reinforced Concrete on Bridge Decks, Road Surfaces, Runways, Dam Walls, Tunnels, Docks, Harbours, Multi-Storey Car Parking Decks and More!

Gnat's State of the Art Aquajet and ERGO Hydrodemolition Systems deliver several Advantages, compared to traditional methods:

  • They are quieter in operation than traditional heavy-duty percussive equipment

  • Acoustic Impact is much reduced on-site

  • Surrounding material suffers no cracking.

  • Reinforcing steel within the concrete core can be retained undamaged and ready to receive new Reinforcement Bars and Concrete

Our ERGO Hydrodemolition Systems offer a Safer Alternative to Hand Lancing

Our Hydrodemolition Procedures also utilise ERGO SYSTEMS. Designed to Replace Hand Lancing for a large number of Hydrodemolition Applications, these innovative Systems deliver Increased Productivity and Vastly Improved Operator Safety

Get in Touch to hire our AQUAJET and ERGO concrete demolition systems with our Qualified Operators today!

Gnat UK is a Member of the Water Jetting Association

Above: Treated area following Hydrodemolition. The rebar remains intact and ready to receive new concrete

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