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GNAT UK.. Sitting Down on the Job..?

So.... There ARE times when it’s OK to Sit Down on the Job!

GNAT UK were recently asked to undertake Tunnel Benching Deconstruction Work in a 1.5 m. Diameter Main Sewage Pipe System!

Owing to the Limited Access and extremely tight working space issues on this project, this procedure had previously been tackled using conventional hand-held breakers. A time consuming, physically taxing activity, carrying with it, the commensurate risk of HAV.

Gnat's preferred - and Safer - solution was to deploy one of our compact BROKK 60’s to break out the redundant Tunnel Benching. The powerful little BROKK 60 Robot - renowned for its ability to operate remotely in the tightest of spaces, was in its element in this extremely confined and difficult working environment.

In truth, the limited working height within the sewer presented more of an issue to our operators than to the BROKK Robot! This issue was easily resolved by the creative deployment of a scaffolding batten which enabled the operator to work in relative

comfort, albeit, whilst sitting down on the job!

Active Tunnelling Ltd - the main contractors, were so impressed with the Brokk that they bought the machine from our Plant Sales Division for their own use - Another positive step towards the elimination of Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome within the demolition industry workplace.

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