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The Art of Diamond Wire Sawing Raw Sewage Flume Pipes

An overhaul of a Major Sewer complex in the heart of Glasgow required the removal of 1.6 meter diameter, 25mm thick steel flumes. Being a vital component of Glasgow City's Sewage infrastructure, the pipes were still 'live' ...and running with sewage.

With this in mind, the project had to completed efficiently and in the shortest possible time, and.... as the Flumes were still carrying Sewage, very carefully!

Gnat's Hilti WS15 Wire Saws were deployed to accurately - and quickly!, Cold Cut the Flume Pipes to cause the minimum disruption.

“As the sewage flumes were live and still flowing at 60% capacity with running effluent we chose HILTI Wire Sawing Techniques to quickly Cold Cut and isolate three sections of the steel work.

Time was of the essence, so, with a great team working to a strict coordinated plan, each isolation was successfully completed in just over one hour.”

said Nick Turnbull, Gnat UK's Managing Director.

The images and video here show Gnat’s deployment of the Hilti WS15 Saws from set-up to the successful removal of the steelwork.

The video below shows the procedures in action.. It's a couple of minutes long, so don't bother looking if you're in a hurry or for some reason, don't like wire-saws!

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